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Friday, April 20, 2007

Attorney Advertising

I was perusing the net today, looking for a quick answer to a legal question unrelated to our practice. I found this legal website, which has the following written into the "FAQs" potion of the page:
"If an "accident" is truly "an Act of God", while your own car insurance might pay for some of the damage, you can't try to go after God -- no one has ever been able to bring God into court."

Really!?! No one?

Dammit. That guy was a potential deep-pocket Defendant in a case we were considering. Guess that's gonna be a decline.



Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Front Secretary was away at lunch when I heard the door open. I walked to the front to see if there was a delivery or something, since we're not expecting any clients or runners right now. At the door was (I would later learn), Benefit Guy - our firm's liason with the insurance carrier that covers the employees. We were talking about real estate and I mentioned that I was a renter. Benefit Guy said there is no reason for me to be a renter anymore. I responded that I had a ton of debt - school, medical, family loans... At this point, Benefit Guy pulled me aside and told me that the firm's premium had increased significantly this year, due to the number of claims made by member's of the group's plan in 2006. Those were my claims. He wasn't a jerk about it or anything, but he didn't need to be. His reaction is not the one that worries me.

The Boss is so not going to be happy, especially since I'm getting sick again. It's been back for a few weeks, I just wasn't ready to tell yet. It was nice to be in "everything's ok again" land for a little while. I'm not handling the recurrence so well.


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Friday, April 13, 2007

Bum Precedent and The Boss' Ego

This week, we found two recent State Supreme Court cases that suck. Sucks for Plaintiffs. Sucks for Plaintiffs' Attorneys. And sucks for Jurisdictional Jollyness everywhere. Basically, the precedent allows certain entities to get out of cases fairly easily by getting them kicked out of court for lack of jurisdiction on bullshit technicalities. The Boss was SO not happy about it.

He gave me his "why this is bad" diatribe.
Then he cursed the State Supreme Court.
Then he said, "I'm not going to ride bikes with [Justice] anymore."
Then Lex said: "Really, you're going to drop names at a time like this?"

He is such an egomaniac.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Life is Better Betrothed

Upgrade: Boyfriend, hereinafter Fiance.

The most amazing eyes I have ever seen: green rims surround bright yellow bands that contrast starkly against the black pupils they encapsulate. The yellow glows golden when he fills with emotion. Sitting outside, I was chatting about needing to call Step-Dad to wish him Happy Birthday.

"When I call, you can ask Step-Dad if he'll let you get engaged to me." I joked.
"How about you get engaged to me and then call him?" Smiled cutely.
"That doesn't make sense dork." I didn't pick up on the hint. "I have to call today - while it's still his birthday."
"Well." He glanced down nervously. "It's just that I can't wait anymore."

Tilting his face towards me, the golden in his eyes glowed brighter tonight than I have ever seen. He fought to hold back a faint mist of tears as he began to speak. Everything I ever imagined he might say at this moment was strung together in short, poetic sentences. Staring straight into my soul, he wished for forever with me, if I'd have him. Life washed over me and I buried my head into his chest. Memories. So many times I imagined this moment. Countless times I pretended that he had asked me to marry him. Practiced my acceptance in my mirror. Daydreamed about wedding details. Mind-designed my dress. Worked my new last name into my signature. Since I was 14, I have wished more times than I can remember that someday this boy might be my husband. And today, here I was, hearing this man asking me to be his wife. I smiled and cried whispers.

"Is that a yes?" He held out the ring.
"Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course. Yes, My Love. Yes." He slid it onto my finger.

I ran inside and told Daughter.