Exact Approximations

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paying the Price of Getting Paid.

Officer Manager just left my office. The Boss left the office two hours ago.

Apparently, The Boss learned sometime within the last hour via telephone that he may be able to meet with a potential HotShot at the end of the week. Unfortunately, that meeting conflicts with depositions we have scheduled throughout the entire day.

The Boss really, really, really wants to meet this person. So, during the phone call, he tells Office Manager "That's O.k., we'll just have Lex do the depositions."

Huh? What?! Holy can of Copenhagen!!!

I've never done a deposition. I've never practiced a deposition. I haven't read up on the ins and outs of depositions and am not sure of the proper grounds for objection during said deposition. And all of my green newbie mistakes will be typed up by a Court Reporter who will be able to swear to my idiocy. Fuck. I am totally scared.

More importantly, I am totally excited!!!

By the by, raise talks worked out. The Boss hooked Lex up.


Monday, February 12, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting.

Things have been crazy busy lately.

Congrats to Sadie on the new jobby-job!!

I'm still around, just haven't had time to post.

Haven't even called my mother (I love you mom!!)

Man, has anyone ever seen Nony's as stupid as those over at Frisco Wanderer? Hats off to CECU for dealing with such dumbassedness. And I thought my Nonys were on the socially retarded portion of the IQ spectrum...