Exact Approximations

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lex's Theory on Bedside Manners

Boyfriend and I have been having some bedside confusion lately. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was cleared up last night along with my fears that my love was in jeapordy.

Boyfriend: Laying on my side of the bed watching t.v. "Do you want your side of the bed back?"
Lex: Quickly. "Yes!"
Boyfriend: "Whoah. No big deal. Why the excitement?"
Lex: "Because, that's my side of the bed, and you have slept on it a couple times in the past week and... well, it's my side of the bed. Once sides of the bed are disrupted, everything goes to hell."
Boyfriend: Looks at me like I'm crazy. "I just did that because you were on my side already."
Lex: Relieved. "Oh, ok. Well, that was just to watch t.v. For sleeping, I need to keep my side."
Boyfriend: Still looking at me like I'm crazy. "Oooohhh-Kaay."

Now, maybe I'm making too big a deal here, but I truly believe in the telling nature of disruption in bed sides. One of the clearest signs of being in a serious relationship is when the two of you have established sides of the bed. Once sides of the bed are established, there is no going back. If your partner suddenly wants to change sides of the bed, your relationship is likely in serious trouble. This is because changing bed sides isn't really about seriously wanting to mix it up, it's a hidden power ploy. Your partner suddenly wants to move from the left to the right, not because there is something missing in the left side, but because the right side is yours. It's all about determining whether or not the other person is willing to bend to your will.

Is anyone with me on this, or am I a nutbar?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"No Cat-Naps You Two-Bit Drug Addict"

The Boss just came out of his office proclaiming he feels much better after having taken a cat-nap:

Office Manager: "Yeah, they say people should take a couple twenty minute cat-naps throughout the day while at work."
The Boss: "Well, that's good employers. I'm a bad employer. We'll have none of that here. No cat-napping."
Everyone laughs.
Office Manager: "Well, sorry I woke you up."
The Boss: "It's ok, I didn't need the sleep anyhow."
I wanted to lay my head down and take my own cat-nap to see if he really would be bothered by it. I don't think he would, he's a good boss, but I'm walking a thin line - no joking around with boundary testing this week.

In other news, I'm totally addicted to Percocet. It was prescribed to me about a week ago by an ER doctor and then refilled by my "pain management" doctor. This morning, I woke with a belly ache. Not at all like my regular pain. This was just a good old fashioned belly ache. I took two Percocet and ten minutes later the belly ache was gone. I'm convinced this means I am physically addicted to the stuff. Which totally sucks, because it's not even a fun addiction. There's no all over good time. Nothing. Just shitty addiction with no corresponding good time high.

Man, college really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore and have fun. I miss being in college.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Non Job Loss and The Conservative

How many thought I was done blogging? I considered it. Especially after the loss of Fresh Pepper, one of my all time favorite bloggers. Plus, I thought to myself recently, 'Lex, you're just not as good as you used to be. Not really funny anymore, kind of a downer. Just not blogging material.'

Now, all these things remain true. My quality of blogging has plummeted drastically in recent months and my sense of humor died with the Crocodile Hunter (I saw that one coming.) But I'm selfish, I can't give it up, it's a sick, sick addiction that illness and worry and concern about being caught just won't take away.

I'm still sick. I tried to resign from my job last week after going to The Boss in near tears and arguing I just am not well enough to do the quality of work he and the clients need. He declined my resignation and was really supportive - wanting me to get better. That was nice. He offered me an unpaid leave which I declined. I then went on to take five paid days off. In fairness to me, two of them were while I was in the hospital so there wasn't a whole lot I could do about that. Anyhow, we'll see how supportive The Boss is next week when bar results come down and I failed again (I scored two points lower on the MBE this time than I did the first time around - bitch faced whore.)

So today I am off to the doctor demanding a surgery. I need to be out an ovary.

Wow - Paralegal just admitted to me that she is a Bush supporting Iraq war lover. Then she swore me to secrecy and told me never to tell The Boss lest she endure endless jibes. How will I keep such juicy information to myself? Especially in this election season.

*sigh* - It's good to have juice on coworkers. Seriously, The Boss would never let her live it down if he knew she was a Bushie. Even I secretly downgraded the intelligence level I attributed to her prior to this information.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

He Had It Comin'

The Boss left for the day. Good news because now I can sit back and not work. Well, I wasn't working before, but now I don't even have to pretend, which is a little like working.

So we've got this new case. Very different from what we usually take. It involves police brutality and it turns out that Arizona has some pretty protective statutes that save cop ass. For instance, A.R.S.12-712 basically says that if the plaintiff, at the time of injury, is engaging or beginning to engage in a criminal act, then there is no liability against the defendant. Now, almost anytime you're involved with a police officer and it ends in brutality, there's going to be something a cop can make up to "prove" that you were getting ready to engage in a crime. Resisting arrest would probably be the most invoked excuse - if I were predicting results of an empirical study on the matter... You resisted arrest and therefore you will have the shit beaten out of you with a baton stick, while your hamster is maced and your grandma gets raped. And the cop gets off. Twice. Dirty bastard.

I found a couple of sticky affirmative defenses such as this and immediately took them to The Boss. He wasn't concerned. He thinks he's that guy from the play Chicago... what's his name... you know, the guy Usher is playing these days. Yeah, him. That's who The Boss thinks he is.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Downward Spiral.

I know I've been a bad Blogger lately. I have been depressed/overwhelmed/not feeling well over the past few weeks. Everything is happening at once and I don't know what to do. Crashing my car, worries at work, certainty that I failed the bar again, concerns regarding the quality (or lack thereof) of Daughter's schooling, financial concerns, health concerns... it feels like things are coming down on me at once, and I don't quite know how to handle it. More importantly, I'm super-depressed. It's hard to feel good when things are going bad. I want to know the magic way to feel happy no matter what is going on. Invincible love of life type thing. I'm feeling the heat, but there's no flame to enjoy.

Speaking of flame, I found Ex-Husband's MySpace page today. It's lame. A lame flame. That made me feel better for a second, but certainly didn't give me the *ooommmff* I need.

If anyone knows a good way to escape reality, please share. No acid recs though, that shit just has way too heavy a hangover.