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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Front Secretary was away at lunch when I heard the door open. I walked to the front to see if there was a delivery or something, since we're not expecting any clients or runners right now. At the door was (I would later learn), Benefit Guy - our firm's liason with the insurance carrier that covers the employees. We were talking about real estate and I mentioned that I was a renter. Benefit Guy said there is no reason for me to be a renter anymore. I responded that I had a ton of debt - school, medical, family loans... At this point, Benefit Guy pulled me aside and told me that the firm's premium had increased significantly this year, due to the number of claims made by member's of the group's plan in 2006. Those were my claims. He wasn't a jerk about it or anything, but he didn't need to be. His reaction is not the one that worries me.

The Boss is so not going to be happy, especially since I'm getting sick again. It's been back for a few weeks, I just wasn't ready to tell yet. It was nice to be in "everything's ok again" land for a little while. I'm not handling the recurrence so well.


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