Exact Approximations

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Help Wanted

Have legal skills? Willing to work on extremely short notice? Looking to add some pro bono to your experience?

Well then, Lex has just the project for you!

I received my copy of a motion submitted by opposing counsel in a lovely little legal drama I am a party to in another state. Spent today drafting a response until nothing made sense anymore. Being pro se, I have a jackass for a lawyer. I would really like a second pair of eyes to review my pleading, advise on basic legal writing/clarity issues, and honestly bitch me re: what needs to be toned down lest I come off as an emotional, reactive idiot.

My document is only a few double-spaced pages long, so it shouldn't take long to look over. If you're willing to help, please leave your address in the comments. Or email me at exactapproximations@gmail.com

Any help much appreciated.