Exact Approximations

Monday, May 31, 2010

I'll be damned.

Lex has regained access to her blog.

I forgot my (apparently very secure) password, and my recovery e-mail was through my college. They promptly deleted that account upon graduation, and I never updated Blogger with a new password recovery address. I tried to use Blogger's password recovery service for the idiots who display such stupidity, and was promptly told that I had not provided enough accurate information to be given access. I couldn't remember my own personal and blog information. Further displaying my stupidity. Additionally, I also forgot my (also very secure) password to my ExactApproximations@gmail.com account, which would allow me to access Blogger despite ignorance of my Blogger password.

And I was sad, believing Lex was lost to me forever, known only in archives.

Then, Epiphany.

I could reset my ExactApproximations gmail account with a simple click, which immediately sent me re-set information to my primary personal email.

It was so obviously simple. Only took me 15 months to figure out.