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Friday, October 05, 2007

Going Crazy

Ok... I have been having crazy-insane dreams. Maybe dreams. I can't tell anymore.

Basically, these dreams consist of me traveling to other places/times and interfering with the actions of those in the other locations. For instance, I had this dream yesterday afternoon that I went on vacation, to a little town where I stayed at one of those hostile places, where you rent a room from a family. I show up to the place I'm renting my room from, meet the lady that runs the place and her son (a very gifted piano player). Exhausted, I head off to bed. I fall asleep. I dream. I call this, for clarity's sake "the dream within a dream" part. Anyhow, in the dream within a dream, I dream that I am out and about in the little town and start to see awful things happening. Lots of players, and the dream ends in the Piano Boy's death. I wake up from the dream, go downstairs to the common area, find paper, and start drawing everything I remember dreaming about. Hostile Lady walks by, looking at my drawings over my shoulder. She recognizes people. I have no idea who they are. Hostile Lady tells me that this is her daughter, her husband, the local barber, and so on - while pointing out the people in my drawings. I take her aside, away from Piano Son and tell her what happened in my dream. She looks stunned because she recognizes everyone and some things I'm talking about. I also go out to the town and speak to her husband, the barber and some others who I've forgotten since the dream. Anyhow, I tell these people what happened in my dream, then they change their actions and the terrible ending in my dream within a dream ends up not happening in the little town. I wake up. Confused. But feeling like I've accomplished something.

I've also been having repeating dreams, the same dream over and over again. Last night/this morning, I dreamt that I was on this strange alien planet... there was some sort of war going on. I don't know anyone in this dream. I find myself figuring out how their flying ships and various James Bond-esque gadgets work. I wake up (in *real* life). Later, I go back to sleep. The dream starts over. I'm going through almost the same events, except this time, I understand the machines and gadgets a bit better, and am able to avoid some awful situations I encountered the first time I had the dream. This last time I dreamt about it, some thing (not a person, but not your typical alien) - managed to secretly get me blueprints for the flying device I keep finding myself in, and try to start understanding how to operate it better. I seriously believe I will have the dream again and understand will things even better.

Another instance - I had a dream that lasted over the course of 3 nights. On the first night, these crazy aliens (again, not the typical aliens we all see pictures of), come to Earth. Their purpose is to destroy all humans. They start this venture by creating major climactic changes, which result in flooding, torrential downpours, mudslides, etc. Night 1: all this starts happening and, by myself, I flee to safe ground after going through terrible and frightening obstacles, going back, retracing my steps, all until I find a safe place. Night 2: Dream picks up where it left off, now my mission is to go back to where I began, and give groups of people the safe-route directions to the safe place. Night 3: Dream picks up where it left off. Now, together with the people that followed my directions, we all find larger groups of surviving humans who are trying to come up with a plan to fight back. Intricate details, traveling throughout the planet, spying on the aliens' activities... I never went back there in dream land.

So, this has all been going on for 2-3 weeks. It's freaking me out. I wake up not sure where I'm at. People, creatures, characters etc in my dreams are telling me to do things in real life. I honestly find myself believing that these things are seriously happening (I especially feel that way for the first 3-4 hours after I wake).

Yeah, so, I don't know. It's freaking me out. And I really think I'm losing it sometimes. One friend had some interesting thoughts on the topic... But mostly, everyone reassures me that I "know" these things aren't real. I explain that I honestly don't know for certain that these things aren't real anymore.

What does anyone think? Should I get my head checked? Most importantly, has anyone else had similar experiences? Message me with any and all thoughts - no matter how weird you think they might be. Trust me, I won't think you're crazy. I'm desperate.


  • I've had dreams before where I wake up and the feelings from the dream are lingering. It freaked me out. I didn't like.
    Anyhow....your not going nutso. You've been spending ALOT of time at home, yea? It's far too easy for things to getting fuzzy like that when you've got nuthin else going on...does that make sense?
    I'm sure there are other factors too, but I don't wanna say...
    You'll be fine stud...
    See ya around.

    By Anonymous Sadie, at 6:00 PM  

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