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Monday, September 03, 2007

Laborious Day

Hard to believe the weekend is almost over. Things went by fast, but I am absolutely exhausted, as if I spent the weekend moving or something. I would probably appreciate these three-day weekends more if I had a jobbie-job.

Anyhow, 15 randoms:
  1. On Saturday, Step-Son and Fiance's Mom spent the night. It was awesome, but way too short. Step-Son was only here for about 24 hours. Just long enough to realize how much I miss him =(
  2. When Step-Son left on Sunday, I started crying like a five year-old. Daughter held me tight and we cried together for awhile. That helps. I told Daughter not to worry, that I always cry when her brother leaves. But Daughter usually goes with Fiance to drop him off so Daughter never sees my wallowing. After learning I get all teary about it, Daughter swore she would stay with me every time her brother went home from now on. I tried to talk her out of this, but she insists. She's such a good kid.
  3. My sister was supposed to move here next month. Now, she's not. This bums me out, for purely selfish reasons. Boo.
  4. Speaking of Boo, we have a stray-cat (we call him Boo) that's been coming around non-stop. Daughter has been on me 24/7 to take this thing in, but we already have two cats and I'm not about to take on another financial responsibility. All I hear is how sad and lonely he is, and how badly he wants a home and people to love him. I'm not falling for it. It's bad enough that we give him water. We need to call a cat rescue to come get Boo, but someone told me they put cats to sleep at rescues (can anyone verify?) I thought they only did that at the pound? Because, if they are putting 'em down, they really shouldn't be allowed to call that a "rescue"...
  5. Oh man, I want to see Super Bad. Super bad. I love that kid that played George Michael on Arrested Development.
  6. I am so super-fucking sick of drama and negativity. Why do people fight the most with the very people they love the most?
  7. I am sickly addicted to the FX show Damages.
  8. Due to #15, it's been far too long since I got laid.
  9. Far too long.
  10. Daughter came home from school recently and told me, with urgency, that she needed to talk to me. It began with "I want to tell you something before you hear it from somebody else..." Oh God, I thought, this is going to suck. "Did you get in trouble at school?" I asked. "Not yet... but I might tomorrow." She was nervous. Turns out, some boy at school was calling Daughter and her friends mean names, including 'whore.' In retaliation, Daughter called him a "Man-Whore" and they all got sent to the Respect and Responsibility Room (in the old days, it would be detention. These days, they get all the kids together and try to work it out.) I had to try SO hard not to laugh my ass off about this. The little man-whore probably deserved that shit. Apparently, one of Daughter's friends told her that when a boy calls you a whore, you're supposed to call him a man-whore. I decided this is not the age to inform her that it's cool for boys to be whores.
  11. Went to my new surgeon last Thursday. He's going on vacation for three weeks... He had absolutely no idea about my case, although I had been told he was briefed. I don't like him. He has a serious Russian accent. Sounds like the guy from Rocky IV. But that's not the reason I don't like him. (That last piece of info is for 'Busto's benefit ;)
  12. My mom was here in mid-July. She got really sick. I thought she was faking, until everyone else in the apartment got sick within the next week. I still have a really bad cough. Throwing up blood. Gross. I'm thinking maybe my cold developed into Bronchitis. I read online that there's not much to do, just sit back and wait for it to pass.
  13. My computer has been freaking out. Randomly closing the browser, hanging up for a long ass time... Hm. Wish I knew something about computers. Other than that they seem pretty complicated.
  14. My kitchen smells like bacon, which no one has cooked here in a long time. (No kind of pork, for that matter - so what the hell is that?)
  15. I'm super-tired. Probably due to #12.

That's pretty much all I can think of. My life is kinda boring lately.


  • The Russian commies are in cahoots with the terrorists. Get 'im, Lex!

    Do we want to compare cases of not getting laid? I bet I win.

    As to rescues, Leela is a rescue. Somebody dropped her off on their doorstep. They don't put the animals down immediately, I think they have to spend a certain amount of time there and if they're not adopted by that point...All Dogs Go to Heaven was a good movie when I was 10.

    Brooklyn loved Super bad.

    By Anonymous Arbusto, at 4:19 PM  

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